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You will find all necessary information regarding our hotels in this page. If you do not have a smartphone, or you do not wish to use it for viewing information, disinfected printed copies of these information are available in our reception desk. We strongly encourage you to use our digital services for an easier and safer holiday.

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All information you need regarding our hotel.

COVID-19 Policy

Our commitment to making you feel safe

Digital Breakfast Menus

Browse our breakfast plates from the comfort of your smartphone, to save time

Digital Pool Bar menus

Browse our pool bar menus from the comfort of your smartphone, safely

Health and Safety Information

Please make sure to read our Health and Safety Information

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Prebook your extra services easily using our Travelotopos engine.

Massage Therapies

Enjoy the experience of a massage in the comfort of your own space with our highly qualified and experienced therapist.

Weather In Santorini

Check the weather in Santorini real time

Area map

See what is around your hotel.