Hotel information

Dear guests,

Welcome to Santorini and in our hotel.

Below you will find useful information about our hotel and facilities.

Reception operating hours

Our reception desk is open 24 hours (Meltemi Village - Excelsior Suites & Atlantis Beach Villa). To contact the reception, please dial ‘0’ from your room phone.
In Meltemi Suites, the reception is open from 08:00 - 00:00.

Check in – Check out time

Check in starts at 15:00. Check out time is until 11:00

Please contact our reception desk on the day of the departure in case you need to keep the room for more time. Day use costs 40,00€ and the room can be kept until 18:00. Day use is subject to availability.

Climate Resilience Tax

The climate resilience tax is payable on arrival by the guests.

For Meltemi Village, the tax is 7.00€ per room per night.
For Meltemi Excelsior Suites, the tax is 7.00€ per room per night.
For Meltemi Suites, the tax is 7.00€ per room per night.
For Black Sandy Beach,  the tax is 3.00€ per room per night.
For Atlantis Beach Villa, the tax is 1.50€ per room per night.


Breakfast is served from 08:00 to 10:00

We strongly advise you to visit the breakfast hall between 08:00-09:00 to avoid queues and waiting time, as breakfast is served according to the COVID-19 guidelines.

In Meltemi Village, the breakfast hall is located next to the pool bar.

In Atlantis Beach, the breakfast hall is located next to the reception.

In Meltemi Suitesthe breakfast hall is located next to the reception.

In Black Sandy Beach, the breakfast hall is located next to the pool bar.


According to the latest COVID-19, our housekeeping department cleans the rooms once every two days. If you need any linen or towel change before, let us know and we will be happy to provide you with new pieces.

Non smoking

Please note that smoking is NOT ALLOWED in the rooms. Smoking is allowed on outdoor areas only, or at the room balconies / terraces with the balcony / terrace door closed.

Pool Bar

After 11:00 you could enjoy snacks and drinks at our pool bar until 15:00 when the kitchen is closed.  Pool bar is open until 18:00 for beverages, coffee, cocktails and drinks. Bringing your own food and drinks to the pool area is not allowed, according to the Greek Tax Law.


Please note that water in Santorini is NOT suitable for drinking. Bottled mineral water can be bought from our pool bar. Water in the room IS suitable for having shower or brushing teeth.


In an attempt to save water, reduce detergents, and protect the environment, we kindly ask you to place the room towels that you wish to be replaced the next day, on the  shower floor near the sink.

Pool Towels

Pool towels can be borrowed from the reception desk. We would like to inform you that leaving a towel on the sunbeds for reserving them is not allowed. Towels left on the sunbeds will be collected from our staff with no prior notice. We kindly ask you to return the towels at the reception.

Suntan oils / lotions / hair dyes

We kindly ask you not to use the beds, sunbeds, jacuzzi, pool, sheets, towels, or any other linens with suntan oils or lotions on. Especially for linens, stains are caused that are very difficult to be cleaned.

Room equipment

Please note that the hotel has the right to charge guests for any damage in the room, including room linens and accessories.

Transfer Service

Our hotel offers transfer service to and from the airport / port via a 3rd party company. The cost varies depending on the number of the persons and the time of the transfer. Please book your transfer at our reception desk.

Excursions, Car / Bike Rentals, Taxis and Extra Services

To make your stay a memorable one, please visit our reception desk for more information.

It is very important to read the below instructions!

Please click here to read the fire and safety instructions.

Please click here to read the safety precautions for using the outdoor swimming pool.

Please click here to read the safety precautions for using the outdoor refreshing whirlpool / pool at your room.

Please let us know if you have any further inquiries and we will be happy to assist you. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us!