Swimming Pool Safety Rules


  • OPERATION HOURS: 08:00 - 19:00 
  • Use the pool at your own risk
  • Pool is chemically treated when not in operation, do not enter
  • Meltemi Village Pool Minimum Depth: 0.80m - Maximum Depth: 2.60m
  • Meltemi Excelsior Suites Pool Minimum Depth: 0.80m - Maximum Depth: 2.60m
  • Atlantis Beach Villa Pool Minimum Depth: 0.80m - Maximum Depth: 2.60m
  • Meltemi Suites Pool Minimum Depth: 0.80m - Maximum Depth: 2.60m
  • No diving
  • No lifeguard on duty
  • No jumping
  • Night swimming is prohibited
  • Swimwear must be worn at all times
  • No running, pushing, dunking, shoulder riding allowed, no ball playing into the pool
  • Always shower before entering the pool
  • Do not urinate in the pool
  • Do not walk barefoot around the pool
  • Caution: slippery / wet surfaces. Mind your safety, especially when wearing flip flops
  • Always respect other guests. Do not shout at the pool
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and not left unattended at the pool area
  • Persons with skin, ear, genital or other skin infections, open sores, wounds should not use the pool
  • Elderly people should consult their doctor before using the pool
  • Persons with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other serious illness should note enter the pool without prior consultation from their doctor
  • Do not enter the pool under the effect of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not enter the pool after consuming food or drinks
  • Please stand while adjusting the back of the sunbed - do not try to adjust it while sitting on the sunbed as you may injure your fingers
  • Please note that sunlight can be very strong - please do not remain in direct sunlight for a long time, as you will be at risk of a sunstroke
  • Pool use is on your own risk and responsibility
  • In an event of an emergency, please contact the bar or reception staff immediately
  • There is a defibrillator in Perissa area. Our hotels also have a defibrillator in place.

COVID-19 Swimming Pool Rules

  • Always shower before entering the pool
  • Please wash and sanitize hands before entering pool
  • Please maintain social distancing and avoid overcrowding
  • Please use the inside of your elbow to cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing
  • Only one person is allowed between 5 square meters (in water)
  • Do not share toys or objects that belong to people not in your group / do not leave your objects or toys in public
  • Maximum pool capacity is reduced
  • Maximum Permitted Meltemi Village Pool Capacity: 14 persons (7 groups)
  • Maximum Permitted Meltemi Excelsior Suites Pool Capacity: 6 persons (3 groups)
  • Maximum Permitted Atlantis Beach Villa Pool Capacity: 8 persons (4 groups)
  • Please do not move the sunbeds beyond the limits of the yellow tape on the ground

Safety in the pool begins and ends in common sense. It is your responsibility to enforce the rules of safety.
The owner, management or employees accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or injury to persons using the facility.